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Kubeadm configuration can be overridden in group_vars/all/all/yml

As Kubeadm config files are already in YAML, symplegma-kubeadm role just pipes values into the configuration file. This allow you to use all the flags and options possible without Ansible knowing them.

The following variable are self explanatory:

kubeadm_api_server_extra_args: {}

kubeadm_api_server_extra_volumes: {}

kubeadm_controller_manager_extra_args: {}

kubeadm_controller_manager_extra_volumes: {}

kubeadm_scheduler_extra_args: {}

kubeadm_scheduler_extra_volumes: {}

kubeadm_kubelet_extra_args: {}

kubeadm_kubelet_component_config: {}

kubeadm_kube_proxy_component_config: {}

These variables are added to the Kubeadm config file

Example: customize Kubelet

kubeadm_kubelet_component_config: |
    memory.available:  "200Mi"
  failSwapOn: "false"

Check out Kubeadm documentation